I'm a Masters student at Ravensbourne, London studying Communication Design. I'm an engineer turned designer and an electronic musician. Drop me a line if you want to get in touch.


Nowdays, a lot of contemporary slang uses words out of context. Is our understanding that evolved that we fill in the gaps or is our vocabulary becoming extinct? This poster (is one of the intended series) which lists out the hashtags people use on twitter when they use #Awesome to understand the context it’s being used in. The Idea can at a later stage be developed into a dynamic poster that makes a realtime list using processing.
While writing my to-do list with a pink felt tip pen, the pen started to leak and left a ink daub on the top left of a page nearby from the ink on my thumb.I followed the contour of the thumb to create a small story [top-left of sketch]. Impressed by the outcome, I followed my chain of thought to make this doodle.
Typographic experiment.
There’s so much content on the internet than we all could possibly imagine but every story has multiple sides to it. To pack the information we all try to give a superficial outline to the story because a general user doesn’t want to go to deep into the minute details as, I repeat, there’s so much to see.This leads to people taking up bits of information to create and consume a new compound. Like all other things, it has it’s pros and cons and that’s what the type experiment states.
Artwork created in celebration of getting a day off from work."No Office Today" [Sketch + Pencil colors + Crayons + Stock Photos] 
From 64 pixels to 256 to millions available on a single screen now, the rate at which technology is growing is ever exponential. Same is the rate at which new things become old. This T-shirt design depicts a small child being nostalgic about the video games of 80’s and 90’s which within the small canvas of a few pixels were able to create such a profound experience that they are still revisited in this day and age. 
Submission for DesignByHumans 8-bit T-shirt design contest.